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Why Every College Student Needs to Work at an Overnight Camp

Why Every College Student Needs to Work at an Overnight Camp

Wednesday, 02 March 2022 07:47

What are your plans for the summer? As we approach the mid-way point of the semester, that’s one of the questions you are probably hearing if you’re a college student. 

While we all want to plan to spend the summer relaxing at the beach or hanging out with friends, for many of us, we know we’re going to spend the summer working hard to save a few dollars for the next school year. 

When it comes to summer jobs for college students, there are stereotypical positions like barista, server, retail cashier, and babysitter for which you might not be excited to apply. You know you’ll be counting down the days, hoping to make enough money to help pay for part of the costs of your education, such as tuition, rent, and food.

Summer break may provide a welcome relief from late nights spent writing papers and studying for examinations for college students, but if you are planning to work, wouldn’t it be nice to find a job that allows you to save as much money as possible while having fun and making lifelong friends? If that sounds like the job for you, you should consider working at a summer camp. 

In this article, we are discussing why every college student should work at an overnight camp during the summer. 

Six Reasons Every College Student Should Work at an Overnight Summer Camp

1) College Students Learn Marketable and Useful Skills

Even though it might appear to be purely fun and games, camp staff members develop a number of practical skills that are valued on resumes. Some of these skills include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • First Aid
  • Outdoor safety
  • Lifeguarding and water safety
  • Watersports
  • Team-Building
  • Commitment

Many employers will be impressed to see your commitment to putting in the hours as a summer camp staff member. 

2) College Students Make Lifelong Friends

With as much time as you spend together, you will become friends quickly with your coworkers at summer camp. In most cases, the friends you make at camp will be your friends for life. You will attend each other’s graduations, weddings, and other milestones. If you want a summer job that will change your life, consider summer camp. 

3) College Students Can Save Money

Summer camps often supply staff with housing and cover all meals. That means one can save the majority of the money they earn during summer camp. If you have goals of putting away enough money to cover some tuition and meals, or to prepare for life after college, consider working at camp this summer.

4) College Students Benefit from Supervisors Who Will be Mentors/Resources 

Your supervisors will be valuable resources in your career not only during the summers that you work at camp. Due to the nature of camp life and the amount of time you will spend together, few will know you, your skills, and your work ethic quite like your summer camp supervisors. They will become mentors during the summer and beyond. 

In addition to mentorship and career advice, you can often count on your camp staff managers for letters of recommendation. 

5) College Students Make Good Money

There is a misconception that summer camp is long hours and low pay. That’s simply not the case, at least not anymore. 

Many camps offer competitive wages that allow college students to meet and exceed their summer financial goals. Combined with a place to stay and plenty to eat, you can save almost your entire summer salary. 

6) College Students Get to Do Something Special

A camp like Tekoa Foothills provides college students with the opportunity to make a difference with their summer employment. We are a unique camp, blending both missions and summer camp into multiple sessions that give campers and counselors the best of both worlds. 

Every summer, we hire for a number of meaningful positions, including:

  • Family Group Leaders/Counselors: Family Group Leaders work with our Day Camps, Resident (overnight) Camps, Adventure Camps, and Special Needs Camps. Family Group Leaders live in the bunk rooms with their assigned campers. Age group assignments rotate weekly. 
  • Missions Coordinators: Missions Coordinators work with adult leaders, homeowners, volunteers, and youth participants to oversee home repair and improvement projects as well as community outreach projects. 
  • Summer Support Staff: Support Staff Members facilitate many aspects of camp life that are critical to our campers. They do work behind the scenes and come alongside Mission Team Coordinators and Family Group Leaders to encourage, resource, and offer support.

There are a number of positions available every summer. Many of our staff return over and over again. 

If you are ready to consider working at summer camp this year, you can visit the Tekoa Foothills jobs page on our website to look for openings and apply. For more information about Tekoa Foothills, contact us