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Types of Camp Experiences at Tekoa Foothills

Types of Camp Experiences at Tekoa Foothills

Tuesday, 05 April 2022 15:10

Every child is unique and gifted in various ways. The personalities and characteristics are on full display from day one and only grow more pronounced as they get older. 

By the time they reach elementary school, it’s abundantly clear that no two children are the same. Each child approaches summer camp uniquely as well. 

While some are ready for a week away from home at an overnight resident camp at a young age, others may need a year or two longer before they are ready. Middle schoolers are ready to take on more advanced skills and activities and deserve their own camp experience.  Young leaders and those with a heart for service may want a way to serve together with their friends from their youth groups. 

Tekoa Foothills has different camp experiences designed to serve all our campers. Here are some quick descriptions of the types of camps we offer at Tekoa Foothills. 

About Tekoa Foothills

Tekoa Foothills is a United Methodist Summer Camp and Retreat Center. Our mission is Touching Hearts, Changing Lives, and Sharing the Light of Christ. Our camp is located in Casar, North Carolina, near South Mountain State Park. Tekoa Foothills is less than thirty minutes from Shelby, about forty-five minutes from Gastonia, and just over an hour from Uptown Charlotte.

We are much more accessible to parents in the Charlotte area than camps in the mountains, so those with young children who might be first-time campers have the comfort of knowing they are not too far from their kids. 

There is plenty of opportunity for adventure at Tekoa Foothills. The activities your camper will enjoy include:

  • A large lake with a zipline, paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes
  • A swimming pool with a slide
  • Ax throwing (age-appropriately, of course)
  • An archery range
  • A wide range of sports like basketball, ga-ga ball, and anything that can be played in open spaces
  • Lake and creek fishing
  • Hiking trails and orienteering

Tekoa Foothills has 117 acres of adventure available for campers. 

Tekoa Foothills Resident Camps

Resident camps are organized into cabin groups. Strong camper-to-camper and camper-to-staff ties are fostered by this arrangement. Cabin groups stay in our lodges together. They partake in all activities and eat meals together as well.

Cabin groups are established by camper age to facilitate age-appropriate activities and challenges. This ensures that all campers, from rising first graders to those entering seventh grade, get to enjoy an amazing week of camp. 

Faith formation is central to our resident camp programs. Campers are encouraged to participate in morning watch, evening vespers, and weekly worship. Throughout each week, campers are nurtured by guided devotions that walk them through age-appropriate lessons from Scripture centered on our summer theme. 

Our staff is highly trained to provide campers with an authentic Christian community that leads to true spiritual transformation.

Tekoa Foothills Early Elementary School Resident Camp

The ideal summer camp experience for a young camper who is possibly sleeping away from home and family for the first time, this camp is designed for six to seven years old. This is a great opportunity for younger children to have fun at camp, make friends, and grow in confidence. The early elementary resident camp will get your little ones ready for even more adventures in the future. 

Tekoa Foothills Elementary School Resident Camp

Foothills campers get to spend a week swimming in the pool, enjoying the epic slip-n-slide, ziplining across the 400' lake, paddling canoes and paddle boats, plunging into the lake from the giant inflatable slide, and exploring the magical bamboo forest, all while being surrounded by their family group's carefully crafted community. 

The family group model will provide Christian discipleship and community to all campers, which is at the heart of why Tekoa Foothills exists.

For an extra charge, elementary children can acquire a new skill set during their camp experience. Each week, local specialists are brought in to teach campers in their fields of expertise: 

  • Horseback riding
  • Paddling
  • Creative arts
  • Archery
  • Much more

Tekoa Foothills Middle School Resident Camp

Middle School campers have access to even more adventure at Tekoa Foothills.  A mix of on-site and off-site activities creates new challenges and opportunities for older campers. 

Middle schoolers get to visit South Mountains State Park to go hiking and sleep beneath the stars with their Family Group's community. They gain access to additional skills-building opportunities, including:

  • Eco-adventure 
  • Pottery
  • Photography
  • Culinary cooking
  • Archery
  • Mixed media
  • Painting
  • Much more

Tekoa Foothills Missions Camps

For parents and youth leaders who want their kids to step out of their comfort zones and serve their communities, Tekoa Foothills offers a number of missions camps. From our website:

“Our service opportunities range from home repair and construction for groups with skilled participants to a relationship-based missions experience partnering youth with adults with developmental disabilities.”

In addition to serving God through missions projects, your students will get to enjoy our facilities, such as our lake, zipline, lake slide, pool, and more. Each night, the youth groups will participate in meaningful worship with an emphasis on the impact of service and sacrifice upon people's lives, as well as the development of bonds with a community in need.

Tekoa Foothills Camp Opportunities

Adventure is waiting for your child or youth group at Tekoa Foothills. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about any of our residents or missions camps. Feel free to reach out to us online or call our office; however, it’s important to note that spots are filling up fast, so don’t hesitate to find out more about Tekoa Foothills.