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What to Expect During Your Child’s Week at Camp

What to Expect During Your Child’s Week at Camp

Monday, 13 March 2023 15:41

Attending summer camp can be an excellent opportunity for kids to have fun, make new friends, and learn new skills. Unlike school, camp offers a more relaxed and unstructured environment where children can explore new activities and hobbies away from the pressures of academic performance. 


At camp, kids can participate in a wide variety of activities such as sports, arts and crafts, music, and nature exploration. These experiences can help kids develop new interests and passions, build self-confidence, and enhance their creativity.

Another key benefit of attending camp is the opportunity to make new friends and learn social skills. Kids often spend the majority of their time with their parents, siblings, or classmates, which can limit their exposure to different types of people and social situations. 

Camp, on the other hand, brings together children from diverse backgrounds and allows them to interact with each other in a fun and supportive environment. Kids learn how to work together, communicate effectively, and develop empathy and respect for others. These skills are essential for success in both personal and professional relationships later in life.

In this article, we are discussing what parents can expect during their kid’s first week of camp.

What to Expect for Your Kids During Camp

The first week of summer camp can be an exciting and challenging time for both parents and kids. Here are a few common experiences for kids and parents during the first week of camp:

  • Homesickness: It's common for kids to experience homesickness during the first week of camp, especially if it's their first time away from home. Parents should reassure their kids that these feelings are normal and that they will pass with time. Encourage your child to write letters or emails home and let them know that you are thinking of them.
  • Adjusting to new routines: Camp has a different structure and routine than home life or school, so it may take some time for kids to adjust to the new schedule. Parents can help prepare their kids by talking about the camp schedule and expectations beforehand and encouraging their child to ask their counselors for help or clarification.
  • Meeting new people: Camp provides an excellent opportunity for kids to make new friends, but it can also be intimidating to approach new people. Parents should encourage their kids to be friendly and open to meeting new people and remind them that everyone else is in the same boat.
  • Trying new activities: Summer camp often offers a wide variety of activities and opportunities for kids to try new things. Some kids may be hesitant to participate in new activities, while others may be eager to try everything. 

Parents can encourage their child to step out of their comfort zone and try something new while also respecting their child's boundaries and preferences.

How You Can Help Your Child Get Ready for Their First Week of Camp

Preparing kids for summer camp can help them feel more comfortable, confident, and excited about the experience. Here are a few ways parents can help prepare their kids for camp:


1. Talk about the experience: 

Before camp, parents can talk with their kids about what to expect at camp. This could include discussing the daily schedule, the types of activities that will be available, and the expectations for behavior and participation. Parents can also ask their child about any concerns they may have and offer reassurance and support.

2. Practice independence: 

Summer camp is an opportunity for kids to practice independence and develop new skills. Parents can help by encouraging their child to practice self-care and independent living skills, such as packing their own bag, doing laundry, and getting ready in the morning. Additionally, parents can encourage their child to spend time away from home with friends or family to build their confidence and independence.

3. Foster social skills: 

Summer camp is an excellent opportunity for kids to make new friends and develop social skills. Parents can help prepare their child by encouraging them to engage in conversations, practice active listening, and be respectful and kind to others. Parents can also practice these skills with their child at home or in social situations.

4. Pack thoughtfully and early: 

Packing for summer camp can be an exciting and overwhelming experience for kids. Parents can help by involving their child in the packing process, creating a packing list, and packing thoughtfully. 

Some items to consider include comfortable clothing and shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, a water bottle, a hat, and any necessary medications or medical equipment.

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