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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 09:58

Scavenger hunts are such a fun, unique way to explore something familiar in a whole new light. Maybe you walk through a local park every day, and while you enjoy the view and your surroundings, you may have never taken note of the particular types of trees and plants accompanying your stroll. Inviting you to search in a guided manner, scavenger hunts are fun for all ages!


Tekoa Foothills created a scavenger hunt for plants and trees specific to our 117-acres of land in Casar, North Carolina. Each participant was given a guide book with words missing from the plant description and were tasked to journey through the forest finding information about their new friends along the way. 

Can you identify that tree?

This is a copy of the student identification guide used in conjunction with cards hanging from each respective plant describing who they are. The completed descriptions are found here.

Students excitedly walked through the forest searching for the next sign to fill in their clues. We read them out loud as a group, and additionally the older kids verbally stated similarities and differences they spotted between the various plants. Students compared leaf size and shape, bark texture, and trunk growth. Noticing these tree characteristics is the first step into identifying trees and plants!

Studying hard!


The class favorite was certainly the giant bamboo at the end of the hunt! Students played a game of freeze tag in the maze of the bamboo forest; to be unfrozen, students had to proclaim the name of a plant or tree they learned about during the scavenger hunt. A review that's fun and useful!


This is a great activity to encourage kids (and adults!) to get outside and explore what is right around you! It is our aim that this scavenger hunt outline will transform into a permanent activity at Tekoa Foothills. This is an exciting way to learn something new and gain interest in the natural world. If you want to participate in this particular scavenger hunt, let us know! We would be happy to guide you through the beauty of the foothills of North Carolina. If you want to try this out at home, there are tons of ideas online to help you create something fun for your kids to do!


If you want a simple scavenger hunt that can be done indoors, check this out!

This activity allows family members to print out and color pictures of different wildlife creatures that may be found around your home. Post these inside on windows and keep tallies of which family member spots each animal!  


This article offers very in-depth ideas and descriptions for a wide variety of scavenger hunts you can plan for your family!

From looking for a rock with a unique pattern to finding a chrysalis and watching a butterfly emerge, this resource is FULL of great ideas. Check them out!


We want to hear about your fun experiences exploring nature. Share your scavenger hunt pictures with us on Facebook or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Happy hunting!!


Written by: Jordan Mitchell
Photos: Jordan Mitchell
Cover Photo: Timon Studler on Unsplash