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Labor Day Recap

Labor Day Recap

Saturday, 12 September 2020 13:03

A holiday for celebrating the labors of all your hard work? Can’t we have more than just one day?? Labor Day is an exciting event that allows all of us a breath of fresh air, time to relax, and fun times with our friends and family. Everyone celebrates this holiday differently, and this was a means to show our community how Tekoa Foothills celebrates Labor Day!


In a typical summer, there aren’t many opportunities for a summer camp to plan and facilitate community events. As almost a blessing in disguise, the year of 2020 forced us to come up with ideas that would allow for people to enjoy time in nature while still remaining socially distant and respecting the restrictions of the time. Throughout the summer, guests used the site for swimming in the pool, hiking on trails, boating in the lake, camping outside, and exploring God’s creation. If not for the strange circumstances of this year, we would not have had the opportunity to connect with our community in the intricate ways we did.


Labor Day was a continuation of this desire to offer a safe place for families to recreate. Good food, music, fun programs: what more could you want? This was a jam-packed day of fun that brought us safely together to celebrate a day of rest.


Let’s hear it!!

All day long, the pool was open, the boats were paddled around the lake, and people hiked through the trails on site. Specifically for this event, the gigantic inflatable slide was blown up in the lake for an exhilarating splash into the water, and the slip-n-slide was set up for quite an exciting dash down the hill. The zipline was open for guests to traverse across the lake. There was an ongoing scavenger hunt highlighting the volunteer projects from the past year. Participants went to various areas around camp to find out which project had been completed by which group of people. The completed scavenger hunts were put in a drawing to win $100! There was a talent show on the front steps of Loy White Lodge where families could showcase their unique talents or interests. There was even a food truck from a locally owned business, Hopper’s Soul Food! 


Smiles from the food truck!

Tekoa Foothills also unveiled the release of our newly designed Chaco stickers during the event. These stickers were created by one of the summer staff members who did an amazing job with the design! The sale of these stickers went directly to a local mobile food pantry, AND with the purchase of one you were also given the chance to create a unique piece of art. 


Completed piece of balloon art

 Paint-filled balloons dangled above a hand-made canvas ready to be colored upon. Guests were able to aim and shoot at these balloons. A successful shot splattered paint in a visibly unique, fluid way. After Labor Day, this painting was auctioned online, and the funds were also donated to the mobile food pantry. This experience was a fun way for all the guests to co-create a piece of art that directly benefited their community!


Winners of the scavenger hunt!

We want to give a huge word of thanks to Hopper’s Soul Food for catering the event and for every person who visited Tekoa Foothills to enjoy their day of rest. If you want to support Hopper’s, check out their Facebook page!

If you want to support the mobile food pantry, reach out to Brian with the Belwood Charge on Facebook.


Let us know about your favorite part of Labor Day! Be on the lookout for even more fun next year. Work hard, play hard.. right??


Written by: Jordan Mitchell
Photos: Jordan Mitchell
Cover Photo: Erwan Hesry on Unsplash