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Camping Western North Carolina

For guests using Foothills Lodges or Camp Sites, we can also provide Food Services with advanced notice. Food Services must be ordered by phone. Please call our office at (704) 538-3866 and speak to our staff to add these to your stay.

Prepared Meals

Allow our staff to do all the meal planning, cooking and cleaning! Send us your menu preferences and we will cater to your requests and dietary needs. Ideal for groups or families with intensive schedules, this option saves your time for a more focused retreat and quality time together. Cost is per person/per meal. Breakfast $7.00. Lunch $8.00. Dinner $9.00.

Food Ordering

With advanced notice, Foothills can place a food order for food, ingredients, and dining supplies from our discount supplier. Ideal for large groups. Save money on food costs and forget packing the coolers. Your ingredients will be waiting in our pantry, fridge and freezer for you to prepare and serve on your own schedule. Groups are responsible for their food cost from suppliers in addition to a $150.00 Ordering and Delivery Fee.

Campout Package

Interested in a camping trip but overwhelmed with meal planning or packing the cooler? We've got you covered. Guests staying at our campsites can rent one of our outdoor kitchen sets which includes utensils, fresh food, and ingredients delivered to your campsite. Guests are responsible for their own food preparation and cleaning.

  • Outdoor Kitchen Rental: $10/night
  • Breakfast: $5/person
  • Lunch: $6/person
  • Dinner: $7/person