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Morganton, North Carolina

Foothills offers a vareity of unique options for your adventure programing needs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for availability and rates for Retreats or check out our Summer Camp Offerings.

On-Site Adventures:

  • AXE THROWING! We've expanded our aiming sports program! Take your turn throwing the tomahawk!
  • The LAKE ZIPLINE is one of our most popular activities! Participants start in the wooded shoreline and then zip out over and across our lake.
  • The LOW ELEMENTS CHALLENGE COURSE offers a variety of activities. Elements will challenge your group with interactive scenarios which require teamwork and communication to accomplish. These can be used to foster growth in your team.
  • LAKE SLIDE & SWIMMING: Cool off while swimming in our large spring-fed lake. Take the plunge down our giant inflatable slide.
  • Explore the lake and surrounding natural foliage from our PADDLEBOATS, KAYAKS & CANOES.
  • Our SWIMMING POOL is a fun alternative to swimming in the lake. Use the waterslide to splash into the deep end!
  • Experience for yourself the thrill of hitting the bullseye at the TEKOA FOOTHILLS ARCHERY FIELD. Receive coaching from our staff or simply enjoy open range shooting.
  • ORIENTEERING! Learn the basics of cardinal directions, use our compases to find marks around camp and navigate the Foothills treasure hunt!

Other offered activities:

  • Basketball
  • Ga-Ga Ball
  • Creek Walks
  • Field Games
  • Campsites
  • Hiking Trails
  • Lake Fishing
  • Creek Fishing
  • Star Gazing

Charlotte North Carolina Summer Camp and Retreat Center

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