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Foothills offers a vareity of unique options for your on-site programing needs. Contact us for availability and rates. Some of our most popular activities include:

2020 On-site Programs

New staff facilitated programs offered each week available to Day Pass holders, Family Campers and Day Campers

Foothills Family Camp Challenge

Family campers will be presented with game-like scenarios, situations, and tasks in a series of family challenges. Each challenge will offer the opportunity for family units to apply critical thinking, problem solving skills, and creativity. Families will learn more about each other, build trust and communication skills while having family fun!

Camping With a Contribution

As an extension of our Tekoa Missions program, camping with a contribution allows family campers the opportunity to serve in mission together! Family participants will be guided through service projects, both on- and off-site, to improve the infrastructure of foothills and surrounding communities. Tools, safety equipment (ppe) and project oversight are all provided.

Camping With an Eco-adventure

Engaging with the natural world is integral to faith formation. Discipleship kindles creation care. Camping with an eco-adventure offers families the opportunity to enjoy guided adventures to explore, observe and learn from the natural setting and diverse ecosystems of tekoa foothills.

Other On-Site Adventure Available 

  • New in 2020: AXE THROWING! We've expanded our aiming sports program! Take your turn throwing the tomahawk! Can you stick the bullseye? 
  • The LAKE ZIPLINE is one of our most popular activities!  Participants will start in the wooded shoreline and then zip out over and across our lake. 
  • The LOW ELEMENTS CHALLENGE COURSE offers a variety of activities. Located under the shady canopy of mature trees, these elements will challenge your group with interactive scenarios which require teamwork and communication to accomplish.  The course includes: Low Ropes, PB and J Log, Dinosaur Feet, Golden Arch, Spider Web, Lilly Pads, and 3 Islands.  Any of the elements can be facilitated by the Tekoa Foothills staff to foster growth in your team.                                                      
  • LAKE SLIDE & SWIMMING: Cool off while swimming in our large spring-fed lake. Take the plunge down our giant inflatable slide or chill on one of our 10’ floating pads. 
  • Explore the lake and surrounding natural foliage from our PADDLEBOATS, KAYAKS & CANOES. $50/hr.
  • Not a fan of lake swimming? Our SWIMMING POOL holds 56,000 gallons of crystal-clear water and is one of our most popular activities. Ride our waterslide to splash into the deep end! 
  • Brave, Robin Hood, and The Hunger Games are a few of the popular big screen attempts to capture the energy and art of the bow and arrow. Experience for yourself the thrill of hitting the bullseye at the TEKOA FOOTHILLS ARCHERY FIELD. Receive coaching from our staff or simply enjoy open range shooting. 
  • New in 2020: ORIENTEERING!  Learn the basics of cardinal directions, use our compases to find marks around camp and navigate the Foothills treasure hunt!

We also Offer

  • Basketball 
  • Ga-Ga Ball
  • Creek Stompin'
  • Field Games
  • Campfires & Campouts
  • Walking Trails 
  • Fishing
  • Star Gazing