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fall retreatFall is almost here in western North Carolina and Charlotte, Raleigh, and the Triad are among the most beautiful in the state, with some of the best retreat venues to visit. If you’re planning a fall retreat for your church group or a business retreat, you should start planning now. 

Tekoa Foothills understands the importance of planning ahead of time for a successful fall retreat. We can help you in taking the necessary steps this summer to plan the perfect fall retreat.

How to Plan a Fall Retreat

1. Choose a Date

If you decide to have a fall retreat in North Carolina, the first step is to choose a date or at least a few dates, so you have the flexibility to book your venue. Deciding on a date earlier provides you more time to talk with your team and decide on the best day, as well as plenty of time to plan your retreat. 

2. Arrange Accommodation and Transportation

Once you’ve decided on a date, you’ll need to make plans for accommodations and transportation. Keep in mind that many organizations will be reserving the same places and vehicles as you. It’s important to reserve ahead of time to ensure that your retreat venue and transportation are not booked up for the season.

3. Choose a Retreat Facility

When reserving a retreat facility, you should ask questions to help determine if the venue meets your needs. Ask questions like “Will the retreat center handle programming, or will your team need to arrange activities?”, “Do you need to bring your own food or does the venue offer meal service?”, “What kind of activities are you wanting to do?”.

4. Make a Schedule

You can plan both your retreat theme and your schedule at the same time. However, you should start planning as soon as possible. While planning a schedule, you want to make the most of the retreat facilities and activities. 

You should schedule ample time between activities, meals, and enough time to explore the venue. Preparation and cleaning should be scheduled, as well as time for your group to rest and enjoy themselves. A well-planned program with considerable flexibility is important for your fall retreat.

Fall Retreats at Tekoa Foothills

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina are the perfect destination for a fall retreat. If you’re looking for a fun mountain conference venue for your church retreat or a corporate gathering, consider Tekoa Foothills. 

We are a summer camp and conference center located in Casar, that provides a full calendar of fun activities, excellent lodging, and is surrounded by nature. For additional information, please contact us