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What is family camp?

Our 4-day, 3-night Foothills Family Camp experience offers the best of Tekoa Foothills in a turn-key all inclusive package!

Each family is housed in a private lodge space and can participate in activities together as a family unit. For an additional pet fee ($65) you can bring your favorite furry family member along to Family Camp. 


All meals are provided in a family-style environment.


Activities include family challenges, eco-adventures, and outreach projects. We will offer a family talent show, campfires and our traditional Candlelight worship around the lake. 


Pricing is based on family units but we can accommodate additional family members, including family pets for an additional fee. Families are encouraged to pay as they are able using tiered pricing. The highest tier is our cost; the lowest tier is made possible by generous donors. Families can choose the price they can pay, or add additional family members during registration. 

Highest Tier - $900

Lowest Tier - $400

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2020 Family Camp Session Dates

  • JULY 5-8
  • JULY 8-11
  • JULY 12-15
  • JULY 15-18
  • JULY 19-22
  • JULY 22-25
  • JULY 26-29
  • JULY 29 - AUGUST 1

Register online for a Family Camp!

Photos of Family Camping

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