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Foothills Summer CampIf you were fortunate enough to go to summer camp as a youngster, you are aware of the positive effects of camp. Some of the best memory-making times in a child's life are late nights spent roasting marshmallows and singing songs by the fire, team-building activities that offered lessons on how to rely on one another rather than doing it alone. 

Now is an excellent time to consider summer camp in the North Carolina Foothills, since there is plenty of time to register.

Why Summer Camp Is Important

Summer camp is not only enjoyable, but it also offers a lot of advantages for the growth of your child. In addition to providing a break from the routine of daily living, summer camp offers:

  • Socialization and friendship: summer camp programs give kids a secure setting to practice making friends and interacting with others.
  • Distractions are eliminated: because technology has largely taken over our daily lives. By removing technological distractions like phones and other devices from a child's environment, you are giving them the chance to learn more about themselves and other people.
  • Adventure in the outdoors: summer camps place a lot of emphasis on getting kids outside. Summer camp will provide your children the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and extend their perspectives by entering a completely new world, whether it be through activities like archery and hiking or just sleeping outside in the NC mountains.

For Whom Is Tekoa Foothills?

There are plenty of programming opportunities at Tekoa Foothills for just about anyone. We provide day camps that fit the needs of children in the surrounding area and resident camps for elementary and middle schoolers. Camp Gemma is specifically designed for adults who are neurodiverse and have developmental disabilities. 

Additionally, Tekoa Foothills offer Missions Camp, which is based around serving others in our local community. 

Tekoa Foothills - A Summer Camp Built On Principles

Every part of Camp Tekoa's purpose to touch hearts, transform lives, and spread the light of Christ is guided by Christian values. We set out to give kids skills for everyday life and the outdoors because we feel that every child is valuable and belongs here.

Book Your Child’s Next Adventure

Located in Casar in the NC Foothills, Tekoa Foothills is the perfect place to send your child for a memorable summer camp experience that is safe and Christ-Centered. To learn more about Tekoa Foothills or to register your child for an upcoming summer session, contact us today!