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canoe sliderSpringtime in North Carolina is well underway, and our near-perfect climate across the foothills of North Carolina means that the flowers are blooming, and things are coming back to life! With all of the wonderful weather, now is a good time to think about a Spring Retreat at Tekoa Foothills.

Plan Your Spring Retreat

Camp Tekoa Retreats is a conference center that offers a variety of outdoor activities, physical activities, team-building exercises, and a location for employees to solve problems and have fun away from the workplace.

We have exciting activities, excellent lodging, and are surrounded by nature. The team at Tekoa Foothills can assist you in preparing for your next spring retreat. Please visit our Rates & Booking page to book your next retreat.

Why Book Your Next Retreat at Tekoa Foothills?

Springtime is the perfect timeframe for your next retreat at Camp Tekoa. Whether it be a church retreat, corporate event, or otherwise, holding an offsite event can help ease the anxiety that only can happen when outside of the typical surroundings.

Retreats are typically weekend-long events but can also be single days. These events can cover anything from team building, planning exercises, or skill acquisition. By escaping the day-to-day, it is easier to focus on the tasks and hand without the distractions of everyday life.

What Tekoa Foothills Has to Offer

Tekoa Foothills offers a variety of outdoor activities as well as a variety of facilities to meet your corporate retreat.

  • Ax Throwing: One of the newest additions to our onsite adventures. Ax throwing will challenge you and your colleagues as you take aim and throw a throwing ax.
  • Lake Zipline - One of the most popular activities is our zipline, which takes you from the wooded shoreline to well over and across our lake. 
  • Low Elements Challenge Course - The challenge course offers a variety of activities that will challenge your group with teamwork and communication-based challenges. If you are looking for team building, this is where it's at.
  • Lake Slide - There is nothing like sliding into our beautiful lake on our inflatable slide. 
  • Swimming Pool - If you are not sure about swimming in our lake but still want to spend time in the water, our swimming pool is a fun way to cool off!
  • Archery Field - Another great sport that we offer. Our archery field offers open-range shooting as well as coaching from our staff.
  • Orienteering - Want to learn how to get around in the woods? Our orienteering program will help you learn the basics of using a compass to find marks around the camp and navigate a treasure hunt!

Book Your Next Spring Retreat at Tekoa Foothills

Finding a venue for your next spring retreat may seem hard, but look no further than North Carolina’s Tekoa Foothills. We offer plenty of amenities, as well as opportunities for adventure in the foothills of North Carolina. For more information on how to book your spring retreat, contact us today!