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College StudentsSummer break may provide a welcome relief from late nights spent writing papers and studying for examinations for college students. It could also be an opportunity to work and make enough money to help pay for part of the costs of your education, such as tuition, rent, and food.

What if your summer work could have a positive influence on young people while also allowing you to spend the entire summer experiencing nature and being outdoors? There is! Working at a summer camp is the best way to spend the summer and save money. 

Here is what you need to know about working at a summer camp in North Carolina. 

Why College Students Should Work at a Summer Camp in North Carolina

Tekoa Foothills is a United Methodist Summer Camp and Retreat Center located in Casar, North Carolina. The property of 117 acres of land is filled with an abundance of beautiful nature, open fields, and hiking trails, along with a swimming pool, multiple natural bodies of water, and a bamboo forest- all for you to enjoy and explore! 

Benefits of Working at a Summer Camp

  • Summer camps often do pay well. Don't ignore the idea of working at a summer camp because you believe it will be low-paying. As you look into camps, you'll notice that these jobs are going to be quite competitive.
  • Summer staff gain valuable, marketable skills such as leadership, communication, outdoor safety, first aid, lifeguarding, management, etc. 
  • Summer camps often give staff housing and board in addition to excellent pay rates. That means you can save the majority of the money you earn from your summer work.
  • Summer camp is held outside, in the midst of God's creation.  Camp provides a chance for young adults who could use a break from spending all their time limited to classrooms and staring at computer screens.
  • Summer camp companions will undoubtedly become some of the most important friends you will ever have. The connections you will form with other staff members are best described as family.
  • Working at a summer camp should only be a source of concern if you are worried about having too much fun! It's possible that you'll only ever want to work at camp for the rest of your life. Many kids that attend camp become counselors, and many counselors become future full-time staff members.
  • Your supervisors will be valuable resources in your career beyond your experience of working at camp. They will likely be the first people you call for letters of recommendation for future job opportunities. They will be the type of individuals you can turn to for guidance on potential career paths and will most likely be able to suggest job prospects.

Camp Tekoa in Casar, NC

For college students that want an opportunity to work at a great summer camp in North Carolina, you have to explore your options at Tekoa Foothills. You can find our available positions here. Apply soon, as positions are filling up quickly!