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How to Plan an Adult Church Retreat

How to Plan an Adult Church Retreat

Monday, 01 August 2022 18:28

Church or faith-based retreats are a great method for congregation members to disconnect from daily life and revitalize and refresh their religious convictions. It also provides an opportunity to form and build relationships, improve our spiritual well-being, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

However, planning an adult church retreat can be overwhelming, and it’s important to have a successful retreat experience. 

With a guideline of five essential faith-based retreat planning steps described below, Tekoa Foothills can help leaders and organizers host a successful adult church retreat that will inspire and unite church members in meaningful ways. 

Planning an Adult Church Retreat

1. Plan Your Schedule and Logistics

Whether you have 25 or 200 attendees, you should plan each day’s events from beginning to end. Maintaining a well-organized schedule, especially if you have a large group, will assist you in avoiding chaos and confusion from participants throughout the church retreat. However, you do not want to overschedule your daily programs and allow extra time for various retreat activities.

2. Decide on a Purpose and Theme

Knowing what you want to achieve is an important step when planning a faith-based retreat. It will ensure that the church retreat stays on track and that participants depart feeling inspired when they return to their daily lives. 

Whether it's to reinforce religious ideas, principles, or scriptural understanding, your retreat’s purpose should be based on an objective. A theme can also be used to develop a community, provide a space and time for study and reflection, or just act as a sanctuary for churchgoers to reconnect with God.

3. Delegate Responsibilities

Not only does extra time give your participants a break, but it also acts as a buffer when some delays or activities run longer. In addition, having extra downtime is a great opportunity for exploration, rest, and connection. Managing your schedule and logistics, including transportation, venue expenditures, and meal coordination, are important for a successful church retreat. 

Furthermore, assigning different members with responsibilities can help with planning your church retreat. Outsourcing your meal preparation to a catering business or retreat service is beneficial. It can save time and work for your volunteer team, allowing you to focus on the retreat activities.

If you have invited a speaker, they should be aware of the schedule, the location of the meeting space, and any other materials to which they have access.

4. Plan Retreat Ideas for Adults

When planning a church retreat, make sure to have both relaxing and fun activities for your participants. Many retreat camps offer a variety of unique options, including hiking, lake zipline, fishing, field games, and outdoor team-building activities. 

You want to include dedicated time for worship and fellowship as well as free time for participating in meditating, going on silent prayer walks, solo excursions, or simply relaxing in their lodging. It’s important to have a well-balanced schedule consisting of both social and alone periods to prevent exhaustion and rejuvenate your group.

5. Select a Retreat Location

Most importantly, you should choose a suitable location for your church retreat. Find a location that can accommodate small and larger gatherings of attendees while also providing your participants with their own space. Many retreat locations offer excellent options for meals, camping, activities, and lodging. 

The best location for a church retreat is one in a beautiful location surrounded by nature that holds religious and faith significance, like Tekoa Foothills. Depending on your retreat needs, spend time researching your options and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each location. 

Adult Church Retreat at Tekoa Foothills

A well-planned church retreat with a variety of activities ensures that your participants will enjoy an unforgettable time. Whether you are a spiritual leader or a church member who has been approached to plan a church retreat, this guide for planning a church or faith-based retreat will help you to be more organized so that you can focus on the retreat’s goals and purpose. 

Tekoa Foothills is a United Methodist Summer Camp and Retreat Center in Caser, North Carolina. Our mission is Touching Hearts, Changing Lives, and Sharing the Light of Christ. 

If you’re interested in planning an adult church retreat at Tekoa Foothills, we provide a wide variety of accommodations and amenities for your group retreat needs. For more information about our availability and rates for retreats, contact us.