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Seven Things That Make Tekoa Foothills Special

Seven Things That Make Tekoa Foothills Special

Wednesday, 04 May 2022 14:56

You may be tempted to think that Tekoa Foothills is just another Summer Camp. However, Tekoa Foothills is not just a summer camp opportunity, but a place that we’ve opened up for others to experience outdoors, adventures, and the light of Christ. 

Whether it is a family reunion, family vacation, youth retreat, or summer camp, we work hard to create something special for all who visit us.

How We Are Different

What we have to offer goes beyond what we would have even imagined possible. Inspired by the love and compassion of Jesus, we hope to give the same to all who enter Tekoa Foothills, and we hope that others are inspired by His love and compassion too. That’s why we look forward to meeting new visitors with the hope of loving them and inspiring them to love as well. 

God created a big world full of adventure, beautiful sights, and wonderful people, and we aim to display that here at Tekoa Foothills through our different accommodations, amenities, and activities we offer:

1. Not Just a Summer Camp

As mentioned above, Tekoa Foothills is not just a place for Summer Camp but much more. “What else?” you may ask. 

Tekoa Foothills can be used for Youth Retreats, Church meetings, Family reunions, and Family Vacations. Honestly, anything that you can think of that is about bringing people together; we make our facilities available for all.

2. Activities

We have endless activities for all ages with everything from ziplining, ax throwing, and hiking to fishing, swimming, kayaking, gaga ball, and more. Whether you are looking for a peaceful quiet time among nature to be able to relax, or whether you need a time filled with adventure and recreation, we’ve got you covered.

3. Forget About Packing the Food!

We have food for you! That’s right, if you’re dreading the amount of time that you’ll have to use to plan, shop, and pack up all the food you need for your camping trip, you don’t have to at Tekoa Foothills. 

We provide food not just for campers, but we have packages available for all visitors, and we’ll even deliver it to you at your campsite.

4. Surrounding Sites and Attractions

We have more than enough to keep you entertained onsite, but we also understand the visitor draw to this location in the state. We are surrounded by a plethora of beautiful sites and interesting places to see. 

The Blue Ridge Mountains have much to provide. With Kings Mountain and Crowder Mountain, South Mountain State Park, Pisgah National and Dupont State Forest, Lake Lure, and Chimney Rock, there is much of God’s beautiful handiwork to experience.

5. Glamping

We know that there’s always at least one person in the group who dreads camping in a tent and “roughing it.” Maybe that idea even keeps some people from coming. 

We get it; if sleeping on the ground is not your thing, we also rent out lodges. You can have a bed, bathroom, and kitchen right at your fingertips, just like you do at home.

6. Spectacular, One of a Kind Staff

All of our staff are Christ-followers and want to go over and beyond in hospitality so others can enjoy Him and His creation. If it hasn’t already been clear through what we offer above, come test out just how amazing our staff is and how helpful and accommodating they will be for you.

7. Missions and Serving the Community

Something that is specifically different about us versus many other camps is the Mission possibilities we have here. We partner with local organizations and agencies to uplift and support our community. The different ways that we serve our community can be construction work or more relational service with those who have developmental disabilities.

As you can see, we’re not your normal camp option. We’re always looking for the privilege to make new friends and share in our love of Christ, so come on out to Tekoa Foothills! 

Tekoa Foothills: A History

Since its inception, this space has hosted thousands of people from various walks of life and has provided an environment for respite and retreat for its occupants. Mr. and Mrs. James W. White donated land to the District Conference to encapsulate the memory of their son, Loy, by offering a setting where individuals could explore nature and develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

Tekoa Foothills aims to remain dedicated to ensuring the legacy continues for future generations.

What Is Tekoa Foothills?

Tekoa Foothills is a United Methodist Summer Camp and Retreat Center. Our mission is Touching Hearts, Changing Lives, and Sharing the Light of Christ. Tekoa Foothills aspires to honor the life of Loy White and the historical impact of Camp Loy White as we merge together, forging a new path that may inspire a closer relationship to God and to one another.

If you or someone you know is interested in visiting us, you can give us a call for booking or more information at (704) 538-3866 between the hours of 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. If it is more convenient for you, you can also send us a message through our contact page.